Tai Culture โลโก้


    There is a traditional Buddhist holiday every month, especially in Buddhist Lent, when Buddhist priests have to live in monastery, which begins about July and end about October. In mid-April there is Songkran (The Water Festival: Poi Sawn Nam) that is celebrated by dumping buckets of water on anyone in sight. It is also the beginning of the Buddhist New Year.
The candle-lighting festival (Poi Tien or Poi Awkwa) takes place during the full moon of Loen sip et (the 11th lunar month), in October. The purpose is to light candles to welcome the fourth god Goddama, who on that night came down from heaven to preach

TRADITIONAl FESTIVALS (ပၢင်ပွႆးၵဵဝ်ႇလူၺ်ႈတၢင်းၾိင်ႈထုင်း

  • Poi Wan Pee Maue Tai  or Tai  New Year Day (ပွႆးဝၼ်းပီႊမႂ်ႇတႆး) celebrated on the Loen Zeng Maue nueng wan ( the 1st day of 1st lunar month), about November-December
  • Poi Wan Zoe Zaat Zeung Tai  or  Shan National Day (ပွႆးဝၼ်းၸိူဝ့်ၸၢတ်ႈၸိုင်ႈတႆး) celebrated on 07-Feb
  • Poi Wan Luk Phuen  or Shan Resistance Day (ပွႆးဝၼ်းလုၵ့်ၽိုၼ့်)  celebrated on 21 May
  • Poi Wan Khu Maw Lik Tai  or  Shan Poet or Writer Day (ပွႆးဝၼ်းၶူးေမႃလိၵ်ႈတႆး)  celebrated on the Loen Sip Sawng Mai nueng wan (the 1st day of the 12th lunar month ), about October-November). In Thailand, celebrated on the Loen Hsaam Mohn (The full moon day of 3rd lunar month)

RELIGIOUS FESTIVALS (ပၢင်ပွႆးၵဵဝ်ႇလူၺ်ႈတၢင်းသႃႇသၼႃႇ

  • Poi Lu Khao Ya Ku (ပွႆးလူႇၶဝ်ႈယႃႇၵူႉ) celebrated on the full moon day of Loen Hsaam ((the 3rd lunar month), about February.
  • Poi loen Si:(ပွႆးလိူၼ်သီႇ)  The full moon day of Loen Si (the 4th lunar month): (As Poi Loen Si Baw-gyo, Hsum Hsai, Mong Kung etc., in Shan State)
  • Poi Sang Long: celebrated on Loen Si, in the hot season (in late March or early April)
  • Poi Sawn Nam or Poi Sang kyan (ပွႆးသွမ်းၼမ့်) (Song kran), WaterFestival celebrated on April
  • Poi Hang Nam (ပွႆးႁၢင်ၼမ့်) celebrated on Loen Hohk ((the 6th lunar month)   ): about May
  • Poi khao Wa Sa (ပွႆးၶဝ်ႈဝႃႇသႃ) celebrated on the enter of Buddhist Lent
  • Poi Awk Wa Sa or Poi Awk Wa or Poi Tien (ပွႆးဢွၵ်ႇဝႃႇသႃ ဢမ်ႇၼၼ် ပွႆးတဵၼ်း) celebrated on the end of Buddhist Lent and etc.

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