During one of their programmes of seeing how their subjects lived Their Majesties King Bhumibol Adulyadej,  the Great and Queen Sirikit accompanied by HRH Princess Chulabhorn Walailak visited a small village on the northern border, Ban Mai Mawkjarm, on January 14, 1979 (B.E.2522)

Ban Mai Mawkjarm is situated 185 KM north of Chiangmai, thirteen kilometers away from Mae Ai district, in Tambol Thaton, and is mainly inhabited by Tai (Shan) 1.

The day of the royal visit coincided with the Tribute to Tai Writers (poet or technician) (Yok Yawng Khu Maw Tai) Day, an annual event for the Tai in paying respects to the past writers and poets for their contribution to Tai history and literature. Events include making merit by offering alms to the Sangha (monks), cultural dances and shows and reciting their works for the following generations over a span of centuries. Their majesties advised that the whole community conserve the customs, traditions and culture. This has been an inspiration for all Tai to set up an organization (such as public charity foundation) to pass on the literature and arts to the future generations.


Footnote 1: Tai ordinarily known as Thaiyai is ethnic Thai living in Thailand, Burma, China, India, Cambodia, Laos, etc. The word Shan is a Burmese mispronunciation of the word Siam.
Footnote 2: The word Khu Maw derives from the word Guru, meaning teacher or expert in literature.

Since then, the royal motivation has encouraged the Tai community to set up a Khu Maw Tai Foundation. In 1982 (BE 2525) a meeting at Wat Mae Ai Luang, in MaeAi voted unanimously to set up this foundation, but due to may problems and difficulties the villagers were able to set erect only a small pagoda named Haw Khu Maw Tai. Under the chedi a small building at the base is now utilized for the annual tribute ceremonies and a meeting hall for cultural meetings as well as a museum.

Years later, a Tai native of Mae Hong Son and a retired army general and former deputy commander of the Royal Army III Corp, General Pon Wanakamol revived the idea of uniting the Tai community in Bangkok in setting up the Khur Tai Foundation. It was to be situated at the Dhamma Practicing Centre on Sathupradit road. However, due to many difficulties and obstacles it was abandoned.

In 2008 (BE 2551), under the leadership of General Pon the Pradhamamseng Foundation was registered on August 26, 2008 with the head office at 99/25 Soi Tha Kham, Samae Dam, Bang Khuntien district in Bangkok.
The direct translation of Pradhamamseng means Foundation of the Light of Dhamma (FLD). It is also the name of the Venerable Nakingta, former assistant abbot of the Dhamma Practicing Centre in Sadhupradit. He had also been an assistant abbot at Wat muangchum, Phan district, Chiangrai and is famous for his contribution to the Tai community. The foundation will be formally opened on September 30, 2008.
The Foundation will serve as a centre for all Tai, from all walks of life from all over and will act as a hub for communicating, supporting and conserving traditions and customs of the Tai race. It will help in the fields of education, society, the needy and poor in cooperation with religious and communal groups.

Aims & Objects

  1. To promote Buddhism
  2. To develop and enhance local art and culture
  3. To award scholarships and guide the younger generation
  4. To cooperate with religious & communal groups
  5. Non-involvement in any form of politics

Plans and Projects

The Foundation plans to achieve the following:
Such as to set up a fund for promoting education for the young (Education Development Fund)
To enable the Foundation have its own premises, etc.

To cooperate for the protection against the cold season (The Mercy Project)
To promote and educate displaced workers and laborers (The Educational Facilities of displaced Shan in Thailand)

Donations & Contributions

There are four ways of donating and contributing to the Foundation

  1. There is already a fund set up for the promotion of education (Education Development Fund), procurement of land for communal purposes, etc.
  2. Donation to the general purpose fund: This is a fund derived from general contributions without the donor’s specified directive and this may be utilized as deemed appropriate.
  3. Specified donations: This includes projects for protection against cold, Tai art & cultural programmes, educational programmes for the displaced workers, programmes for religious, ethics and moral of the youth.
  4. Donation to the central fund will be mainly used for administration and management of the Foundation.

Bank Account

Account name: Phradhammasaeng Fondation
Account Type: Savings
Account Number: 183-2759129
Bank: Kasikorn Bank, Rangsit Branch.


General Pon Wanakamon

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